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Thanks To You

Project Thanks to You (Díky Vám) presents two porcelain vases decorated with hyperrealistic underglaze painting and Wedgwood-like relief. It depicts and honour the current heads of the Ceramics and Porcelain Studio at AAAD in Prague, Maxim Velčovský and Milan Pekař. The decoration of these vases follows historical archetypes - Napoleonic imperial scenes, typical for the French National porcelain manufactory in Sèvres or the classical style of the Royal Porcelain Factory in Berlin.

This project was featured on the occasion of exhibition Firing (Výpal) held on occasion of 100 year anniversary of the Ceramics and Porcelain Studio at Academy of Arts Architecture & Design in Prague

Shape design by Milan Pekař


W 35 cm, H 85 cm

(1.-7.) Peter Fabo

(8.) Jiří Herman

'Thanks to You' is part of the collection of the Moravian Gallery since 2020!

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