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2841 (Selfie Vases)

This project examines the meaning of handicraft and tries to justify its place in today’s modern times. Through showing the individual steps of the manufacturing process and through paintings I use to decorate vases I practically present the effort required to produce such a vase. My intention is to make people think about the incomparable value of human handwork and its products in contrast with their machine counterparts.

The name 2841 is inspired by the frequent answer to my questions about realistic porcelain painting: ‘It takes a lot of years, experience and practice.’ Two thousand eight hundred and forty-one is the number of days for which I have been gaining my experience in both working with ceramics and painting. Both from professional craftsmen and through my own work. The count starts with first painting courses I took at the Secondary Professional School of Applied Arts. It ends with the day I handed in my bachelor thesis and final work, finishing my four years of studying ceramics and porcelain at UMPRUM.


W 24 cm, H 46 cm

(1.) Anna Pleslová

(2.-41.) Monika Martykánová

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