Cats in Sweaters

Project Cats in Sweaters (Kočky ve Svetrech) is inspired by the work of Judy Chicago. This American artist is well known for her feminist views and her call for the manifestation of womanhood by female artists. Her art is powerful, womanly, colorful and often on the verge of kitsch. What also characterizes her is her fondness for cats. She spent three years working on Kitty City, a project that documents her life with her six cats. As a cat person I was fascinated by this idea and decided to remix it in my own way: I sculpted my two cats, Igy and Yuki, and dressed them in knitted sweaters. This combination of pets and knitted clothes is kind of a women‘s art of today. A natural predator in a sweater and a pom-pom hat turns into a sofa plushie.


W 80 cm, H 68 cm
W 51 cm, H 53 cm

(1.-3.) Monika Martykánová